my-work-experience.com provides a fresh approach to work experience by enabling students not only to learn about work and the skills for work, but also to learn and develop enterprise skills through the experience of work.

resources In 2002 the Davies review of enterprise and the economy in education recommended the funding of the equivalent of five days of enterprise learning for all students at Key Stage 4 from 2005. Furthermore, work-related learning at Key Stage 4 became statutory from September 2004.

Effective enterprise learning takes place in an environment - a school, community or business setting. Whilst Schools can deliver meaningful enterprise learning in limited curriculum time in school, work experience combines the time with the environment to create the ideal opportunity for effective enterprise learning to take place.

Work experience

Work experience is defined as ‘a placement on an employer’s premises in which a learner carries out a particular task or duty, or a range of tasks or duties, more or less, as would an employee, but with an emphasis on the learning aspects of the work experience’ (DfES, 2002).

The use of the my-work-experience.com data book and website will develop students’ enterprise skills, requires minimal preparation & support by teachers, and will provide the evidence Ofsted requires to show that effective enterprise learning has taken place.

DCSF Guidance says that schools should decide the aims and objectives which best meet the needs of all parties - learners, teachers, employers, and parents. (Work related learning for all at key stage 4)

For detailed guidance on the provision of work experience, click here

Enterprise education

Enterprise education can help raise aspirations and develop valuable skills for both higher education and employment.  Enterprise opportunities can challenge the most able students, enhance a range of curriculum subjects and drive up standards as part of the school improvement agenda.

Ofsted report that pupils are motivated by enterprise learning. They enjoy being given the autonomy to tackle relevant problems, take responsibility for their own actions, engage in real issues and evaluate the outcomes of their decisions. (Learning to be enterprising)

Enterprise Education involves the development of Enterprise capability  - the ability to handle uncertainty and respond positively to change, to create and implement new ideas and ways of doing things, to make reasonable risk/reward assessments and act upon them in one's personal and working life.

Enterprise capability can also be described as: innovation, creativity, risk-management, a 'can-do' attitude and the drive to make ideas happen (DfES 2005)

Enterprise capability is supported by:

  • Financial capability - the ability to manage one's own finances and to become questioning and informed consumers of financial services
  • Business and economic understanding - the ability to understand the business context and make informed choices between alternative uses of scarce resources; and
  • Enterprise, in the broadest sense, means making an idea happen. Whether it be at work, at school or in the wider community. It's about equipping young people with the attitude and skills that will be important to them throughout their lives.

Enterprise skills include:

  • creativity
  • problem solving
  • taking the initiative
  • team working
  • risk taking
  • resourcefulness
  • selling ideas

Young people also need to have an understanding of business, be able to work with finance and possess a ‘can-do’ attitude.

The my-work-experience.com programme and data book

The My work experience .com data bookThe my-work-experience.com programme combines the use of a data book and website to support students before, during and after taking part in work experience.

The data book is pocket sized so that students can keep it with them at all times during their work experience period. It contains a minimum of text, as all the supporting information that students will need can be found on, or through this website. It is to be used to direct students to relevant parts of the website, and for students to record essential data to build up a record of their progress while on work experience. There are sections preparing students for their work experience, recording the development of skills and evaluation by students, parents, teachers and employers. However the emphasis throughout the data book is on enterprise. Students are encouraged to find out about enterprise and entrepreneurs, and explore how enterprising they themselves are. There are practical exercises to help students develop their understanding of business and personal finance, and help them be more creative. Most important, and perhaps the most challenging section of the data book is designed to help students identify and work out a solution to a problem in the workplace.

Students will be provided with a username and password to access the secure part of the website where they will be able to find all the supporting information they require. The information is provided in a variety of ways, including interactive quizzes, text & images, data and instructional pages. Throughout, there are links to direct students to other relevant sites. Students will also be able to download various documents in Word format for completion and printing out for their work experience portfolio.

Teachers will also have a username and password which will not only allow access to everything that their students can access, but also to a teacher’s guide to the programme and a variety of links, and documents and other resources to support work experience. They will also be invited to give ongoing feedback about the programme.

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