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Most organisations have a logo which is a graphic representation or symbol of the organisation name, trademark or brand which is designed to be readily recognised.

logosLogos are important because

  • they are easily recognised, even by those who cannot read.
  • they help to promote the business
  • an established logo can attract more customers
  • a logo can be used to represent the quality of the business

Try the logo quiz and see how many of the logos that you know.

Design a logo

A good logo design will build a positive, strong and long lasting impression. The very moment a person views your logo, even a part of it, he should think of your organisation.

Keep it simple

logosThe simpler your logo is, the easier it is to remember and so it leaves a stronger impression on the people.

When designing a logo you need to think of all the possible mediums where you are going to use your logo. You might use it on printed documents such as letterheads, business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, or you might use it in a website. It must look good when displayed in different sizes. You should also check if your logo looks good in Black and White, because if you need to get a document in black and white with your logo on it, it should be very easily compatible to that as well.

Printed products

For printed products, it makes a lot of sense to limit logo design colours to a maximum of three or four, and less where possible. Printing costs increase dramatically with each additional colour required. All letterhead, business cards, flyers, posters, brochures and so on, all incur these higher print costs.

Design a logo for your organisation

Design a logo for the organisation where you are on placement, even if it already has one. The easiest way to do this is to draw a number of sketches on paper, or you may be able to use a computer. Start with the name of the organisation. Perhaps your logo can be designed using the shapes of the words or initial letters of the name. Maybe you can use simple pictures or symbols representing the products or services that the organisation offers. Don’t forget the importance of colour.

When you have finished your logo

  • draw a sketch of your final design in your data book
  • use your logo to make a letterhead, business card or poster

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