Work experience

Work experience is unique because it means that you get to spend time in a placement doing real work for a real employer in a real organisation. While you are on your placement you will:

  • be treated like an adult
  • work closely with adults
  • behave in a safe and responsible way
  • find out what you are good at
  • learn new skills
  • collect evidence to show off your new skills


work placement guide

Enterprise, in the broadest sense, means making an idea happen. Whether it be at work, at school or in the wider community. It's about equipping you with the attitude and skills that will be important to you throughout your life.

Enterprise skills include:

  • creativity
  • problem solving
  • taking the initiative
  • team working
  • risk taking
  • resourcefulness
  • selling ideas

You also need to have an understanding of business, be able to work with finance and possess a ‘can-do’ attitude.

If you have well developed enterprise skills you will be able to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things, judge whether something is worth doing in view of the risks involved. You will also be able to take advantage of change.

polaroidAny organisation, whether it is business making and selling something or an organisation such as a school, hospital or charity, needs to make the best use of the assets that it has. Assets can include money, buildings, stock and the knowledge and skills of its staff. If someone is enterprising they can find different ways of doing things to make better use of the organisation’s assets. This could mean that the organisation can make things more cheaply, or deliver a better and more efficient service.


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